Check out the Brand Standards for Open School Chapters, which include guidelines to create your Chapter visual lockups and templates to use to promote your Chapter.​

Chapter Resource Library

​​Searching for a specific form or template? The toolbox of Chapter resources below can quickly conn​ect you to what you're looking for. 

Chapter Toolbox 

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  • ​Update your Chapter's contact information as well as the details displayed on your page on the Chapter Map here
  • Starting a new Chapter, or kicking off a new year? This sample charter​ may help you set your goals and structure for the year.
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  • ​Learn how other Chapters and university faculty have approached incorporating Open School courses and resources into their work and curricula here
  • If your Chapter is interested in a tracking tool to manage your members' progress through the courses, contact the Open School at 
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  • ​Learn how other Chapters have established community partnerships and set up QI project work on the Open School Blog (for example, herehere​here, and here​). 
  • Explore the Open School's two project-based learning courses with your team - both are set up to support learners and teams as they lead improvement projects in their local settings.
  • Download IHI's QI Essentials Toolkit for tools and templates integral to launching a successful quality improvement project.