Chapter Leader Tools

​​​Whether you're a new Chapter in search of suggested Chapter leadership structures or recruitment strategies, or a seasoned Chapter looking for a new event or project ideas or advice on leadership transitions and long-term sustainability, three meaningful resources are the "go-to" tools for your Chapter needs:​

  • Take our free overview course (available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese)OS 101: Introduction to the IHI Open School: Join the Movement to Improve Health & Health Care, and hear how other Chapters are leading work in their local settings. This is a great requirement to add into the onboarding process for all new Chapter members!
  • Download a PDF of the full Open School Chapter Leader Toolkit which has detailed suggestions regarding: 
    • Chapter leadership structure
    • Recruitment
    • Engagement
    • Planning and hosting events
    • Finances and fundraising
    • Sustainability and succession planning
    • Quick links to the best of the Open School's resources
​Consider providing a copy of this toolkit for all new members, especially those on the leadership team. The Chapter Leader Toolkit is also available in Spanish here and Portuguese here.
  • Connect with an IHI Open School Global Chapter Leader: This team is made up of former and current Chapter Leaders who facilitate and support the ongoing development of Chapters around the world – coaching them as they build their leadership capacity and expand their efforts locally. Get to know and connect with the team here.
    • ​New Chapter Coaches: New Chapter Coaches welcome, guide, and support IHI Open School Chapter Leaders to success through their first 12 months as they establish a new Chapter or re-energize an old Chapter after a period of stagnation.
    • Global Chapter Coaches: Global Chapter Coaches develop and maintain personal connections with established Chapters (e.g. those that have been active for more than one year), providing ongoing support and coaching to increase the leadership capacity and activity of the Chapter over time.
    • Chapter Network Coaches: Chapter Network Coaches create opportunities for connectivity and collaboration across Chapters so leaders may develop a greater sense of identity, community, and belonging within the IHI Open School Chapter Network.